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I AM Dr. Stefany J. & I build Digital Real Estate Portfolios!

I share with other entrepreneurs countless opportunities for building generational wealth
by creating 10 streams of income on autopilot from one business product, service, or idea.

#HealHackHarnessBuild – Heal Your Heart, Hack Your Life, Harness Your Power, and Build Your Digital Empire

“Our Lives are By Design & Our Dreams are By Infinite Measure: My story of discovering the world of Digital Real Estate” – By Dr. Stefany

It couldn’t have been nothing but God that had me get into real estate development, and then digital real estate and web development. After my near-death-experience in 2000, surviving a coma and being on life support, my outlook on life and humanity was forever changed.

I believe I bought my first domain name about 20 years ago. 1800 domain names, business directories and websites later, I am all about marketing, monetizing, and managing technology in a very different way. As the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman, my life’s work and God-given purpose is to highlight the efforts of, and help women entrepreneurs of noble purpose with their businesses by offering creative marketing strategies and passive income support for who they are and what they are purposely ordained to do.

I teach how to build and monetize websites, blogs, subscriber lists, podcasts, ebooks, workshops, courses, and everything you have ever been through. I help you knock those Facebook ads out the park and get into the google ranking and ad revenue game for life. The Roots to Millionaire Fruits are planted in your digital empire!

Once you learn the digital real estate game, your life is never the same!” – Dr. Stefany

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Building a Global Business for Generations to Come!

“The only way to the great YOU ARE is through THE GREAT I AM. I believe that our lives are By Design, and our Dreams are by Infinite Measure. Let’s build an empire that everyone can be blessed and glean from.” – Dr. Stefany Jones

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“I AM a spiritually aligned, biblically-based, business intelligence subject matter expert. I am an architect, designer, builder, mechanical and systems engineer of digital footprints in a creative world. I live in unconditional love and forgiveness simultaneously. Love is the beginning and ending of all things. Our time is our greatest treasure, and our creative seeds are our honest measure.”

– Dr. Stefany J. #TheHustleMama