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#HealHackHarnessBuild – Heal Your Heart, Hack Your Life, Harness Your Power, and Build Your Digital Empire

“Our Lives are By Design & Our Dreams are By Infinite Measure: My story of discovering the world of Digital Real Estate” – By Dr. Stefany

It was truly divine of how I got into real estate development, and then digital real estate development. After my near-death-experience in 2000, surviving a coma and being on life support, my outlook on life and humanity was forever changed. I’ve been buying domain names for more than two decades. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but I knew I wanted to start a business that involved the internet and technology.

I AM a spiritually aligned, biblically-based, business intelligence subject matter expert. I am an architect, designer, builder, mechanical and systems engineer of digital footprints in a creative world.

I teach you how to build and earn from your websites, blogs, podcasts, ebooks, courses, workshops, everything you have ever been through, and everything you know how to do. I teach you how to use SEO to build organic traffic and give you hacks to improve your marketing strategies without a whole lot of work.

Learn how to monetize your products, services, and gifts by finding the right niche market, building your brand, growing your business, and building your audience.